Bennington Garden Club Education Fund

The Bennington Garden Club Education Fund is dedicated to the support of organizations and programs for students in Bennington County, VT that stimulate the knowledge and love of horticulture; restore, augment and protect the quality of the environment; and promote conservation and civic improvement.

The club invites area organizations to make an application for assistance with programs that further the goals of the Education Fund.

How to apply for support:

To be considered for funding, email a written request, on letterhead for the organization seeking support, to The Bennington Garden Club Education Fund at least six to eight weeks before the donation is needed.

Letters should tell us about the proposed project or event and how it enhances the local educational opportunities that address the goals of the Fund.  Include the amount requested, the population and community to be served by the project or program and, if applicable, a copy of your 501(c) (3) letter.  Give a detailed description of the specific project of event we are asked to support and what recognition we would receive.  Attach to your letter a line item budget and name, address and daytime phone number of the contact person for the organization.

Recipients of grants from the Bennington Garden Club Education fund are expected to provide a written report of the program or activity, with an accounting of actual expenditures, within one month of conclusion.

Send your request electronically to:

[email protected]